Easy Peasy Valentine’s Chocolate

Valentine’s Day is coming up this Saturday and if you don’t already know, it’s a day where women give chocolate (with the expectation of it being handmade) to their significant other as a gift, or as a means of confessing how they feel to their crush.  Some women also give chocolate out of politeness to their co-workers or male friends, called giri choco.

If you’re not much of a chef but would like to give this unique custom a try, here’s an easy way to make some handmade chocolate without a lot of fuss.

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How Are You Spending Christmas?

Being from the U.S., when I imagine Christmas I usually think of putting up lights, picking out and/or decorating a tree together, baking treats to give the neighbors, classic holiday jingles playing in the background, and in general staying warm inside my house with good food, friends, laughter, and family.  Even not being particularly religious one way or the other, I find the spirit of the season to be refreshing and a time to reflect on the year before ringing in the new beginnings of the next.

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