A Visit to the Cat Cafe

© J // Washing Rice Blog

Cat Cafe Nyanko
© J // Washing Rice Blog

With a sizable amount of the population living in rental properties due to exorbitant land costs for building a family home, owning a pet is often not an option.  But that’s okay, because Japan’s marketing experts have come up with just the thing!  For a small entry fee or the cost of a few drinks, you can chill, feed, pet, play, and take pics with cute and cuddly animals waiting for some lovin’s at dog and cat cafes all across the country.

Since I’ve long accepted that I can’t own every cat in the world, I’ve always particularly found the idea of cat cafes appealing.  Play and love on a bunch of kitties without the hassle of cleaning litter boxes?  Yep, that’s right up my alley!  Little did I know there was a cat cafe hidden on a street I often take to work, right in our neighborhood.

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