The State of English Language Learning in Japan

Last year it was announced that Tokyo would be the host of the 2020 Olympics.  With a string of recent hardships, mainly the 2011 earthquake/tsunami and the fall out it caused in Fukushima, the announcement gave Japanese something to take pride in.  And since then, the government and news outlets have been playing the Tokyo candidate city victory clip over and over again to distract everyone from the very real problems the country would rather sweep under the rug.

I admit I felt disappointment when Tokyo made the cut.  In my opinion it seems irresponsible to host such a costly event with Fukushima still in dire condition and an impending rise in sales tax due to debt incurred by previous inept government spending.  Even looking beyond those major issues, I don’t believe Japan is ready to accept the amount of foreigners that will arrive at its shores in either attitude, disability/elderly citizen assistance (most public places, even in Tokyo, only offer squat toilets or stairs as options for getting around), nor adequate English language skills.

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Culture Day and School Culture Festivals

November 3rd is Culture Day (Bunka no Hi) in Japan, and around this time most schools will put on some kind of cultural festival or event for a day or weekend to showcase students’ artistic abilities and/or raise money for the school and it’s various clubs and programs.

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