Attack of the COOP Saleslady!

Before Japan, my only concept of door to door sales were stories about back in the day older relatives would sometimes tell and jokes about taking up being an Avon make-up lady or knife salesmen if you were out of work, really desperate, and nothing else was possible.

Unfortunately door to door sales are still a thing here, and a very annoying thing at that.   Some of the regulars you’ll probably encounter are Jehovah’s Witnesses and the NHK guy.  Jehovah’s Witnesses are pretty universal, although Stateside I’ve only met them once.  I was rooming with a Japanese friend and an old Japanese couple came looking for her.  The convo went something like:

J: “Hey K… Did you happen to mention something about your grandparents visiting before?”
K: “No… Why do you ask?”
J: “Oh, okay.  Well there’s an elderly couple at the door asking for you.”
K: “…Okay,” she hesitantly replies and walks over to the door.
*cue 30 minutes of the couple trying to convert K over to the Jehovah’s side of life*

Anyways, my point is… If that old couple went to all that trouble of tracking down every Japanese study abroad student on campus, Japanese door to door must be pretty hardcore.  And luckily, I’ve avoided most of it up until now.

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