Medical Stuff: Avoiding Colds & Finding a Doctor

It’s been insanely windy this week, with the spring wind coming in strong.  The sudden weather change can be pretty rough for some, and even worse for those that suffer from kafunsho (pollen allergies), or what many Japanese refer to as hay fever. Find yourself coming down with something or trying to navigate Japan’s somewhat-confusing medical system?  This post might be able to help.

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Working in Japan: After the Interview/Getting Hired

The interview is done, yay!  All you need to do is wait.  Or maybe you’ve just gotten notice that they want to hire you.  In that case, congratulations! 😀

Here’s some pointers on how to wrap up the job application process.

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Working in Japan: The Interview

So you applied for the job and landed an interview!  Hurrah!

Here’s some handy info about how Japan often conducts interviews, as well some dos and don’ts to consider.  I think many of them are common sense, but a few are unique to Japanese interviews in particular.

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Working in Japan: Finding a Job in Japan

Hey all!    It’s a new year, which means new beginnings and the beginning of the Japanese hiring season!  As I’ve written before, I plan on leaving my current company for something more flexible and less hectic.  So while I’m on the hunt for a new job or string of part-time jobs, I figured why not make it into a series that way someone else might also benefit from the experience.

This first post in the series focuses on where many of us find ourselves at in the very beginning-  trying to get hired from abroad or within Japan.

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Souvenir Culture

I’ve talked about souvenir culture in some previous posts, but since this will be my last post before I leave for the U.S. and I’m getting ready to make my souvenir list, I thought I’d write a more detailed post about what makes a good souvenir/gift and when to give them.

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Changing Your Information or Canceling Your Utilities

For about two years Mr. J and I were using portable wi-fi through E Mobile, and besides being unable to torrent, we liked their unlimited usage service.  Then a couple of months ago they sold or merged with the company Yahoo! Mobile, and with it our contract was suddenly changed to a more expensive, 10 GB data limit plan.  After maxing out our usage mid-month both last month and this month, we decided to cancel and go with a different provider.  At the same time, a co-worker friend of mine quit the main company I work for, and because she doesn’t speak much Japanese I’ve been helping her take care of canceling her electricity and gas.

If you’ve been living on your own, before relocating to a different part of Japan or moving back home, and besides the inevitable packing and sending your stuff, you’ll probably need to cancel or change your address on all of your utilities as well.  While the process can be a bit annoying, thankfully it’s not too difficult.

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