Good Friends, Games, and Drinks at the Capcom Bar in Shinjuku

After visiting friends towards the middle and southern parts of Japan, I took one last trip up to Tokyo to hang with some peeps I feel like I never see often enough.

Although we’d all been contemplating visiting the limited Ani-ON Sailor Moon cafe, reservations were totally booked through, so someone else in our circle suggested hitting up the Capcom Bar that’s also on a limited run in Shinjuku instead.  Hey, it’s not like I needed any convincing! 😉


Capcom Bar runs a similar reservation system as the Sailor Moon cafe, where you need one to get in and each reservation comes with an entry time stamp.  Awhile before your time runs out, there’s a last order call and when your time finally does run out, it’s time to pay your bill and go.

Our time was set for 9:30 p.m., so I made my way down to Shinjuku’s East/Kabukicho exit and out towards the bar.  It’s about a 10 minute walk.

The foyer of the Pasela building that hosts the bar is pretty large, but the bar itself has an intimate and comfortable feel.  Upon being seated, each person in your party is presented with an order wallet for both menu items and goods, and after penciling in your order you call a waiter over to run it for you.

Our group ordered a bunch of food and drinks and shared as much as possible, which I totally recommend if you want to try a bit of everything.  While the prices weren’t the cheapest, we ordered about 10 dishes and had 2 drinks a piece in total, which came out to about 2,500 yen ($25 USD) per person.  Now that’s pretty cheap for a night out in Tokyo!  And unlike the Sailor Moon cafe, there isn’t a cover charge for your reservation time.

While you’re waiting for your food to arrive you can chat with friends, the waiters, or just battle it out on any of the big gaming screens.

© J // Washing Rice Blog

© J // Washing Rice Blog

Pics of all the great food!  I admit I’m a total Phoenix Wright fan, so most of the stuff I ordered was Ace Attorney related.

© J // Washing Rice Blog

(Left to Right)
Hitokari Ikou ze!! Kongari Niku (Mini Size), t-Virus Vaccination
Dante -Ebony and Ivory-, Yian Kut-Ku no Tori Karaage
© J // Washing Rice Blog

© J // Washing Rice Blog

(Top, Left to Right)
Miles Edgeworth no Tea Time Set
Dante -Devil May Cry Pizza-, Sono Sauce ni “Igi Ari! (Objection!)” Onion Rings
© J // Washing Rice Blog

Some of the food items come with reenactments put on by the waiter and bar server, who encourage everyone to participate as well.  It was dorky and fun!

At the end of our session there was a lottery which one of my besties won, perhaps in part because the waiter was hitting on her.  But who knows, maybe she was just really lucky! 😀

Afterwards we hit a few bars around Shinjuku’s famous bar area and then called it a night shortly before the last trains, because most of us are getting too old for the morning walk of shame.  😉

Of course no night in Tokyo is complete without seeing lots of drunk salarymen passed out.

© J // Washing Rice Blog

© J // Washing Rice Blog

The Capcom Bar is running until May 6th, so if you haven’t already gone and checked it out, you still have a little time left.

– J




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