Seasons Greetings from Texas!

© J // Washing Rice Blog

My grandmother did all the decorations this year.
© J // Washing Rice Blog

Hey ya’ll, it’s already Christmas Eve!  I feel like December has flown by so fast!

I made sure to get all my New Years greeting cards in the mail before I left, and did most of my Christmas shopping and got it packed before leaving.  Still, there were a few people I was stumped on what to get, and decided to leave it until I was back in the U.S.  What a big mistake, lol!  >_<;;  Even with a week to go until Christmas, the mall was totally packed!

Hopefully everyone is past the holiday season rush and enjoying some quality time with friends and family, or with your significant other if you’re in Japan.  😉

Like most families, mine has its own traditions.  We usually celebrate Christmas at my grandmother’s house on Christmas Eve so we can sleep in on Christmas Day.  Then my mom and I like to hit the after Christmas sales early and then nap off all the shopping we’ve done in the afternoon.  With Black Friday being the bigger shopping day, there’s less of a crowd after Christmas, and the sales are usually better.  (Just ask anyone in retail and they’ll tell you Black Friday is mostly just a way to move clearance and other not-so-stellar sellers to make way for new seasonal stock. 😉 )  One of the things I always stock up on is unsold Christmas card boxes.  I always buy enough for the next few years, since good cards are expensive and hard to come by in Japan.

© J // Washing Rice Blog

Ham, turkey, yams, corn casserole, mac n’ cheese, and so many other nom things!
© J // Washing Rice Blog

It was nice enjoying some good ol’ southern comfort food and my grandmother did a fab job of decorating the tree this year!  We didn’t do a huge gift exchange this year, but I still came away with some nifty and useful stuff to take back with me. 🙂

However your family celebrates the season, I hope it’s full of wonderful memories and magic!  Merry Christmas!

– J

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