Sailor Moon Musical: Petite Étrangère

Last weekend I saw the Saturday evening performance of the new Sailor Moon musical with a good friend of mine.  With the last musical, La Reconquista, based on the first Sailor Moon season, it only made sense that Petite Étrangère was based on the following season, Sailor Moon R.  R is my favorite of the five seasons and I was especially excited to see my favorite character, Black Lady, take the stage!

Somehow the cast managed to top their last musical performance, which was no easy feat!  They completely knocked it out of the park!  This post contains summaries (spoilers?!) and pamphlet scans.  🙂


Petite Étrangère was shown at the same theatre as the last play, the AiiA Theater in Shibuya.  The crowd was much larger this time around, and the line for the tour goods and bathroom were insane.  I think the Saturday performance we saw was completely sold out.

© J // Washing Rice Blog

Inside AiiA theater
© J // Washing Rice Blog

Amongst the goods offered this time around were light-up Sailor Moon wands to use during the show, tumblers, Luna and Artemis tote bags, pamphlets, DVDs of the previous plays, and special play-only limited edition iPhone 5 cases.  It would have been cool to have had one of the light up wands during the performance, but the line was so packed we had no way of getting through before the start time.

Petite Étrangère followed the Sailor Moon R arc pretty closely.  The play sets in Mamoru’s bedroom, where Usagi and Chibiusa are fighting over Mamoru’s attention.  Usagi rehashes her woes about Chibiusa falling down on Mamoru and her in the park just as they were about to kiss, and Mamoru, comparing the personality of the two girls like peas in a pod, gives her the nickname Chibiusa.

Even amongst Chibiusa and Usagi’s petty squabbles, the Sailor Senshi eventually decide to help Chibiusa to fight against the Black Moon clan from planet Nemesis, and they find themselves in the future (either kidnapped or with the help of Sailor Pluto), in 30th Century Crystal Tokyo.

Chibiusa is taken by the Black Moon clan, and Wiseman uses her insecurities to transform her into Black Lady.  Prince Dimande/Diamond, obsessed with Neo Queen Serenity, also takes Usagi to be his queen after they conquer and rule the planet.  But this never happens, of course, because the Sailor Senshi save the day. 😀

Priceless scenes were the dance contest between the Sailor Senshi/Chibiusa and the Black Moon clan towards the beginning of the play and the Sailor Senshi dancing/singing/fighting against clones of themselves, especially Sailor Jupiter’s which is played out like a professional women’s wrestling match. 😉  Like the previous play, there was a lot of comic relief thrown in.

I apologetically had a terrible time holding back laughter during one of the scenes of Prince Dimande/Diamond forcing intimacy with Usagi because when he loomed over her in the bed he did a hip thrust (probably the unintentional consequence of trying to be dramatic) that made me think he was going to start twerking it above her for a second there.  But in all seriousness, it had a good balance of happy and sad moments, and many of the ladies next to us were crying by the end.

In this incantation all the droids (bad guys conjured by the Black Moon clan), including Rubeus, Emerald/Esmeraude, and Prince Dimande/Diamond, were a product of Sapphire/Saphir’s creation, which added a sort of dramatic twist at the end.

Anywho, I don’t want to spoil it all, so be sure to check it out yourself if you’re in or will be around the Tokyo or Osaka area during the performance dates, or wait for the live stream of the final performance.  Hopefully someone like Miss Dream to offer up a fansub/stream in the near future.  😉

After the show we got a look at the goods and I came home with one of the limited edition cellphone cases, which I plan on deco-ing and uploading a pic of later, and a pamphlet.

So without further ado, here are the pamphlet scans.  Some pages my scanner couldn’t read well, my apologies!
**Please don’t hotlink or erase the watermark/repost these scans without contacting me first!**

With two all female casts performing the first two story arcs, I’m holding out hope for the other three seasons to get their own plays as well!

– J

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