Getting Your Glam On: Exfoliation for Your Feet

Smiley Foot

Summer is just getting started, and you know what that means:  barefoot beach weather!  I’m not really big on covering my feet more than I have to, so every since I was little I’ve always looked forward to sandal season.  Or that is, I used to look forward to it until I first moved to Japan.  After a few years of teaching on my feet for 8 hours or more a day, my feet were starting to look pretty gnarly, and I didn’t really have time to take a pumice stone to them every week.

Then a really nifty little product came out by Liberta brand, called Baby Foot.  It works by using fruit acid to peel layers of dead skin, corns, and bacteria off your feet.  It’s easy, safe, and natural.  I tried it once and was hooked!  In fact, it became so popular in Japan it’s been internationally released and many other companies have started putting out their own versions.  So I thought I’d use today’s blog update to show you how Baby Foot works along with a couple of its copycats.

Baby Foot 30 Minute & 60 Minute Types

Baby Foot

Baby Foot is sold in packs or as part of a kit.  I only have experience with the packs, which are 1,600 yen plus tax ($25 USD on their international site).  Whether you buy the pack or the kit, it comes with two large bootie-looking packets filled with exfoliating fruit acid.

How to Use
Make sure your feet are clean.  Then cut the top off of the bootie packs and wear them on your feet for 30 or 60 minutes depending on the type.  (I usually take this opportunity to do a bit of housework to really get the fruit acid in contact with my feet).  Then you take the booties off after however long as passed and rinse your feet.  Dead skin will start to peel off your feet for about 1-3 weeks and reveal soft, new skin.

Foot Peeling Pack Perorin

Foot Peeling Pack Perorin

I tried this one because they did a collaboration with Up magazine and offered it as a magazine freebie, or furoku, with their latest issue.  Regularly they’re sold in packs of 2 for 1,470 yen (about $15 USD) in four different scents.  Peeling time takes about a week, so it’s good if you don’t have enough time to wait for Baby Foot to work its magic, but ultimately it wasn’t as powerful or long lasting.

How to Use
Like Baby Foot, they come with little booties you wear for an hour.  After an hour rinse and wait for your skin to start peeling.  These are a bit more low cut and made for feet 27 cm or smaller, so if your feet are larger than a US 10 you might run into some problems.

Peel'n Gel Sheet

Peel’n Gel Sheet

This is for peeling dry skin off your heels only.   good if you just need to focus on your heel.  It’s not quite as powerful as the other products, but it finishes peeling within a few days so it’s good if you’re in a rush.  It was also pretty easy to find at most of the home/life interior shops and drugstores.

How to Use
Make sure your feet are clean and dry.  Peel off one gel part and stick it on the heel of your foot.  Then peel off a sticky covering to place over gel and your heel, repeating both steps with the other foot.  Then go to bed and sleep while it works its magic.  (I recommend at least 8 hours.)  In the morning, take off the sticker part and wash off any remaining gel.

The sticky covering keeps the gel from getting messy/going everywhere, however it isn’t very strong and will soon come off if you walk around on it, so don’t put this on until you’re absolutely 100% ready for bed.


The first time result was pretty good for all items considering, and more you use them, over time your feet will start looking that much better. 😀   As you can probably tell, I prefer the original Baby Foot hands down, but I recommend trying a few out for yourself based to see which is better or more cost effective for you.

If you’ve tried any of them yourself, what did you think?  Or if you’ve got anything else you’re itching to see reviewed, let me know in the comments and I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

Until next update!

– J

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