Sailor Moon 20th+ Anniversary, New Remake & Musicals

© Jacko W Castillo

© Jacko W Castillo

So I don’t know about any of ya’ll, but I was a total moonie growing up.  One year I went to summer school to take courses to get ahead in school, and the girl that sat at the desk next to mine first introduced me to the show.  Sadly I never saw her again after our summer courses finished, and I can’t even begin to recall her name now, but her love of Sailor Moon she shared with me that summer wove itself into my future endeavors, and is still with me today. Needless to say the anniversary had me pretty stoked!

At the time I was first getting into Sailor Moon, I didn’t know anything at all about Japanimation (what Japanese cartoons were called before the word anime took over).  All I knew was that I loved the show’s beautiful art, the character and story development each episode brought, and the fact that the plot was loosely based on tales of the stars, constellations, and ancient mythology.

When I was a few years older and found out the series was originally from Japan and the internet started becoming more accessible for everyone (shoutout to AOL dial-up!), it was easier for me to gain access to information and anime series fansubbers, mostly small home run fan groups who subbed and made copies of their original VHS on VCRs.  I would trade in my allowance for money orders at the post office to send to these fansubbers for copies of episodes not previously aired in the U.S.  You’d send off for the tapes and wait about 4-6 weeks turn around for them to reach your mailbox.

It took forever for me to finish the series from beginning to end this way, but I finally did it sometime during my first or second year of high school.  I’m sure all this sounds unreal to the current anime fan generation, who are used to seeing new eps of the latest shows on Youtube or downloading torrents of readily subbed shows in the blink of an eye, but that was how things were back then.  If you couldn’t get some arcs easily enough from fansubbers, your only option was to visit a local sci-fi/anime convention and hope they had some bootleg VHS out for grabs.

Anywho, it’s hard to believe almost 20 years have passed since then!  To commemorate the anniversary of Sailor Moon, and the premiere of the new re-release, Sailor Moon Crystal, being simultaneously broadcast in Japan and overseas starting this Saturday, July 5th, there’s been an influx of new and collaboration items hitting the shelfs.  As you can see they’ve brought back the gacha gacha/gashapon capsule prizes and most character goods shops are stocked with anniversary release items. 🙂

© J // Washing Rice Blog

© J // Washing Rice Blog

Another one of my favorite things about Sailor Moon was its music.  The campy, cheesy, feel good, or classical instrumentation of the original Japanese series was unlike anything I had ever heard before.  The songs would get stuck in my head and inspired me to learn Japanese.  (And hey, here I am now!)  So last year I was really happy to see they brought back the Sailor Moon musicals, called Sera Myu, as well.

Some friends and I attended last year’s new La Reconquista musical based on the original Sailor Moon series.  If you missed it you can purchase a copy of the DVD, going on sale from next Wednesday, July 9th, from the official page.  There’s also a special DVD release event going on in Ikebukuro 7/12 and 7/21.

I bought one of the pamphlets at the musical and have held off scanning it until now.  Click the thumbnails for a bigger picture, but do not repost my scans or remove the watermark without contacting me first.  🙂

If you’re interested in the interview parts I didn’t scan, you can read a translation of them done by the lovely moonie team at Miss Dream.

My gal pals and I are looking forward to seeing the next new musical showing in August, Petite Étrangère, based on Sailor Moon R.  Tickets go on sale this Sunday, July 6th, so be sure to grab a seat before they sell out!  I’ll be sure to give an update later on how the show was.

– J

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