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Japan makes for a wide range of breathtaking photos and interesting topics to blog about.
© 2014 Wallpapers

I’d go out on a limb and say out of all the countries in the world, Japan is one of those countries people just feel compelled to blog about, myself no exception. 😉  In fact you could say by making my own I’ve added to the dredge of subpar results that show up when you Google blogs on Japan.  Hopefully this blog will take off and that’ll change in the future!

On numerous occasions people have asked me my recommendations on my top Japan-centered blogs/website picks.  It’s pretty monotonous to have to type up the same thing every time, so I figured it was about time I list up my recommended clicks below.

News, Culture, & Opinions
Tofugu – Japanese and foreign perspectives/discussions on a variety of current, relevant topics presented in an entertaining way.
Saavy Tokyo – Fashion and culture, formerly the Being A Broad website for expat women in Japan
Shisaku – Japanese politics
Japan Daily Press – A dose of news beyond The Japan Times or Yomiuri Shimbun
This is Not Japan – For a Japanese perspective on a variety of issues like identity, racism, cultural appropriation, etc. Moderators give you the option of posting a question beyond what’s already been discussed.
What Japan Thinks – Translated Japanese opinion surveys helpful for personal or academic research
Tokyo Hive – Japanese entertainment news
Metropolis Magazine – Not one I read often, but it’s good on giving you suggestions for going out in Tokyo/major areas
Cookpad – A popular Japanese recipe sharing site, now in English.  I find it invaluable when entertaining guests.

Gaijinpot Forums – My usual go-to for visa/drivers license/owning a vehicle in Japan advice/other legal stuff.  No longer open for posting, but there are still many useful threads that remain.  Just scroll past the troll/off-color posts. :/
Surviving in Japan (Without Much Japanese) – This is my second go-to, especially on the finer aspects of being a female in Japan.
Tokyo With Kids – Not really active anymore, but still a useful guide for parents or parents-to-be in Japan
Tokyo Stroller – Another guide for living in Tokyo with kids

Gaijin Chronicles – Gaijin Smash, but with a new name.  Unfortunately some of the content between the two got lost when the author’s domain expired.
It’s Not Me Japan; It’s You – Some of the daily frustrations of being a foreigner presented in meme form
I Just Can’t Today 
– Same as above, but with gifs – Admittedly this infamous site was funnier before I moved over here and became assaulted by Engrish 24/7.  Not only pertaining to Japan
Let’s Japan – News and humor for foreign language teachers in Japan

Learning Japanese
Learn Japanese – Tae Kim’s infamous guide in all it’s glory and better than many Japanese textbooks on the market.
JGram – Japanese grammar contribution community and JLPT study
Tangorin – My go-to online Japanese dictionary because of it’s simple and easy to use layout

Zooming Japan – Planning a trip within Japan? There’s a wealth of beautiful photos and information for just about anywhere you’d want to visit during your time here.
Japan Travel Mate – Travel and daily life

You might be wondering why I haven’t included any anime / video game related sites.  Mostly it’s because I don’t keep up with that scene, but additionally it’s because it’s rare I see one that doesn’t just cash in on or encourage the weeaboo vision of Japan.  You should have no problem using your Google-fu to find one, though!

Hope you find something informative or a good laugh!  Anything you think I missed?  Drop me a comment!

– J

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