Autumn Seasonal Offerings

Japanese people pride themselves on the fact that Japan has “four distinct seasons”, and is often one of the first things a Japanese person will bring up when introducing something about the country to a foreigner.  It’s a statement many foreigners living in Japan like to joke about, because in general, most countries also share the same four seasons (albeit possibly reversed depending on which side of the equator they land).

Even so, one of my favorite things about the coming and going of seasons in Japan is that it always brings with it a multitude of seasonal dishes, limited edition snack and flavors, and poignant imagery brought to life from things- like different views of Mt. Fuji throughout the year, lines of haiku poetry, seasonal-themed music releases, and other special campaigns designed to get you in the spirit for whatever change is soon approaching.  Japanese treat every season the way Americans treat the winter holidays, and I’m perfectly okay with that.

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Culture Day and School Culture Festivals

November 3rd is Culture Day (Bunka no Hi) in Japan, and around this time most schools will put on some kind of cultural festival or event for a day or weekend to showcase students’ artistic abilities and/or raise money for the school and it’s various clubs and programs.

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